Types of Nadi Jothidam

Nadis get their names based on the sages and also based on the planets

How Nadi helps you?

  1. Assets: Nadi Astrology can provide guidance and insights when it comes to making significant investments such as buying a new house, vehicle, or land. It can offer information regarding favorable timings, suitable locations, and potential challenges related to these assets.
  2. Marriage: Nadi Astrology is often consulted to find the right alliance or life partner. It can provide information about compatibility, timing for marriage, and potential challenges that may arise in the marital journey. Nadi Astrology can offer valuable insights to help individuals make informed decisions regarding their marriage.
  3. Family Disputes: If there are any ongoing family disputes or conflicts, Nadi Astrology can provide a deeper understanding of the root causes and potential resolutions. It can shed light on the dynamics within the family and offer guidance on how to navigate these disputes effectively.
  4. Education: Nadi Astrology can provide insights into an individual’s educational journey. It can help identify areas of strength and areas that may require more focus. Nadi Astrology can guide individuals in making educational choices and pursuing suitable academic paths that align with their inherent abilities and interests.
  5. Opportunities Abroad: Nadi Astrology can offer insights into the potential opportunities for traveling or settling abroad. It can provide guidance on the timing, favorable locations, and the overall prospects of success in pursuing opportunities overseas.
  6. Karmic Effects: Nadi Astrology takes into account the concept of karma and its influence on an individual’s life. It can reveal any karmic effects or past-life influences that may be impacting the present circumstances. By understanding these karmic influences, individuals can gain clarity on the challenges they face and the necessary steps to mitigate negative effects.

In summary, Nadi Astrology serves as a valuable tool for gaining insights into various life aspects, including assets, marriage, family disputes, education, opportunities abroad, and karmic effects. By consulting Nadi Astrology, individuals can make more informed decisions and navigate their life paths with greater clarity and understanding.

Frequently asked questions about Nadi Astrology

No it is not expensive to consult with Nadi Astrologer.

Nadi Astrology backward integrates your present situation and helps to make effective decisions

Yes it’s true that you can know about past life and karma earned in previous birth.

If Nadi leaf is not found, you can reach the astrologer again in a minimum of 2 weeks, The Nadi Readers exchange their Nadi bundles within central Nadi libraries.

Yes it’s recorded and handed over to the concern for future purpose.

Yes, privacy is maintained throughout the process. Astrologers take top concern after reading and the finger print details are kept safe.

Yes we provide online consulting for clients across the world.

It’s up to the individual and it brings immediate changes in life!

It is practiced for more than 3,000 years and the predictions are very divine.

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