Nadi astrology Prediction commonly known as Palm Leave astrology is the ancient practice. They are passed on from Generations to generation over 3,000 years.
The Orgin of Nadi astrology is believed to be dictated by Lord Shiva to Sage Agathiyar. The Nadi astrology practice is the ancient form of astrology which is practiced by Sidas or Siddhargal or Sages for more than thousand years. It is believed that they have crafted it based on their yogic power.

It is believed that Siddhargal lived amongst us but where able to predict the future generation. They have passed on the predictions using palm leaves for
the benefit of their future generations. It is believed that Siddhargal’s are often the Godman who have mastered Astrology and Medicine. They have used the planetary position and yogi powers to foresee the future generation and their live events. To guide them they have crafted the same in Palm leaves persevered over thousands of years.

The Ancient writings have now been read by Nadi readers to the language that everybody can understand. Our Nadi readers can help you to translate the language of your choice. The palm leaves are latter organized and used has manuscripts. They are well preserved and translated by expert Nadi readers. The Nadi Chapters or Kandams are the different bifurcation in Nadi reading and helps you to prefer the concern chapter based on the requirement. The Maharajah Serfoji II of Tanjore, is contribution to Nadi astrology is notable. He helped to build the central library to preserve the Palm Leaves for the
future Generation. Later in the early 16th century the British sold these leaves to families around. There are families who still preserve them, in the beginning of 19 the century some of them where converted to books since the Maintenace of palm leaves was getting difficult. The Families preserved the leaves are latter called the Nadi family.


1. The key significance of Nadi astrology is to make you understand in detail about your past and karma.

2. The relationship and bondage of your previous birth.

3. Nadi Astrology not only helps you know your past but also to neutralize the Negative impact from the past by performing few remedies.

4. Identifying the problem and letting you the solution is what we call the site map to your soul.

5. Present suffering and better understanding of your future comes naturally.

The land of astrology and believed to be India’s oldest form of astrologers birthplace, Vaitheeswaran temple. Nadi astrology commonly referred as Vaitheeswaran temple astrology has been practiced for more than 3,000 years. Mahasivan nadi astrology is the most authentic nadi astrology center based out of vaitheeswaran temple. Chief astrologer shri. Shiva Marimuthu swami has been providing Nadi astrology for the fourth generation now. Nadi predictions are now available online. 

How to choose the most authentic and oldest Nadi astrology center from Vaitheeswaran temple?  The most recommended method is to do a personal visit and meet the astrologer and to check their website to reach them ahead to get an appointment. Mahashivan Nadi astrology center is in the vicinity and adjacent to railway station road. It is quite opposite to Vaitheeswaran temple, visiting vaitheeswaran temple will give you ultimate success in life. The astrology form has evolved by the lord himself; lord Shiva confirms the accuracy of the predictions made on palm leaves. Nadi leaves relate to every individual, it throws light on your past, present and future life events. We believe that Nadi astrology is a practice that is thought by great siddhargal and made vaitheeswaran temple astrology has one of the most authentic and accurate astrology in the country.

Mahashivan Nadi astrology center has a rich heritage of 4 th generation mounts to be roll back more than 200 years and beyond. We are the oldest and most authentic Nadi astrology center in Vaitheeswaran temple. Shri.Shiva Marimuthu swami have been predicting astrology for ages now and most prominent in Vaitheeswaran temple. Therefor making us the best Nadi readers in India. Our clientele list expands to the United States, Canada, Australia, UK, the middle east and the far east. We train Nadi readers in Hindi, Nadi readers in Telegu, Nadi readers in Kanada, Nadi readers in English and in other regional language based out of Vaitheeswaran temple.

In vaitheeswaran temple, Lord Muruga is a revered god. The thiruchandu is made from the siddsmirtha mud and it cures diseases. Especially skin disorder, the chandan and saffron is used to make other traditional medication.It is special if one offers thoordal and red araliflower to seek his divine blessings.Mahashiva Nadi Palm Leaf Manuscript Reading is the oldest and one of the best Nadi astrology center in India. Vaitheeswaran temple nadi astrology is world renowned and online nadi astrology predictions from Mahashivan nadi astrology center is the most accurate astrology. 

What makes vaitheeswaran temple nadi astrology more unique? 

Nadi has many values; it briefs the connection of one’s present life with that of the past.  since it explains the connection between your previous birth and your present existence. Nadi astrology outlines the meticulous stapes of transforming and overcoming once karma. The great sidhargal have given a soul map in the form of Nadi astrology not just predictions but it has components like remedies and neutralizing once sins.