Siva Nadi Reading :


The expectations of the Naadi are all in Tamil Language in beautiful structure and utilizing code words for mysterious and different terms. These are not regularly perceived by taught Tamilians. These are unraveled by the Asans, Readers who are prepared in Our Head Office, for 7 to 10 years in perusing in palm leaves and deciphering it, in basic communicated in language in Tamil. On account of the people who don’t know Tamil, these are converted into Hindi or English. More than grasping the importance of the graceful structure , the Asans need to decipher the forecasts relating to many changes that have occurred in present day times. In days of yore the instructive and proficient fields were restricted. Be that as it may, these days, there are many particular fields. So deciphering the old Tamil words to current occupation, needs incredible ability and experience. This trouble is there in Natal Astrological forecasts too and loads of explores are proceeding to decipher it accurately, corresponding to present day needs. We are likewise trying in our own specific manner, to give the closest conceivable translation for the old words with the immense pragmatic information acquired by us while giving expectations, the clients likewise need to consider a reasonable perspective on things anticipated. By considering his instructive capability, economic wellbeing, monetary status, levels, up to which he can seek to climb sensibly and so on. There might be a few exemptions where a standard individual may riseupto the marvelous level which can not be envisioned. These remarkable cases will anyway be made sense of enough in the Naadi expectation itself. To comprehend the trouble in the understanding of words, we have given beneath a few substantial cases we ran over in the Gurgaon focus itself. As respects training, the words, ordinarily utilized are – He will be capable in the AthiNaveena meaning profoundly modernized kind of schooling, and Sukshmasubjects, that is minute/mind boggling subjects. These are for the most part taken by us as Engineering Education particularly PC related. The word Naveena might mean diversely at various times. About a long time back, it very well might be Civil or Electronics Engineering. Later it very well might be Chemical or Electronics. Presently, it might allude to PC and Information Technology. Tomorrow it very well might be space and satellite related subjects. Comparably Sukshma Subjects might mean specialization in any subject like Ph.D., or Doctorate particularly in Science subjects. One has just to take the piece of information that the client is fit to take up higher particular review. The expectations additionally allude to explore studies, there might be breaks. These are to be chosen individually, considering his scholarly capability and fitness for higher examinations. On account of one Income Tax Commissioner, his calling was shown as one of gathering income of the Government, viz. ThandalMargam. These are various kinds of Revenue Department like Income Tax , Sales Tax , Customs and different incomes. The specific calling must be gathered by the client. Comparatively the clients utilized in Bank are expressed to be working where cash is compromised. There such countless divisions managing cash like R.B.I., Banks, Insurance Companies, Non Banking organizations and so on . We can take an end, that it is really great for the client to be utilized in Banking Business. Comparatively on account of Business Profession, whether they are utilized in exchange or in the assembling field and provided that this is true in what sort of creation they are managing are said. The Business field is so immense. There additionally one needs to induce the right job, from the overall expectation given. In the political field, forecasts are given, regardless of whether they will have advertising with power and authority. References come that the client will be chosen for KizhSabhapor (lower house) or Mel Sabhapor (upper house). We realize that these houses are in the state gatherings and Parliament. Such expectation can best be grasped by the client, considering his political status, his impact in State or Central level, is monetary as well as famous limit or choose his candidature represent Assembly or Central level races. In one case, the President of a National Party at State Level, got the expectations a period in January to March in 1998 that he would get the Agrasana Position with monstrous power, honor and impact. The word Agrasana implies Chief or Supreme Head. We including the client additionally recall the Mahabharata Story of BhishmaPithamaha proposing Lord Krishna, name for the Agrasana post for the Raja SuyaYaga. Thus, we assumed that he might get the Chief Minister’s post, despite the fact that we all including our regarded client, knew quite well, that there is no chance of his turning into the Chief Minister, as his party had totally been devastated in the past decisions. In the resulting races held in February 2000, his party got only 22 seats and client was likewise unsettled. In something like a month of the political race, there was an alliance Govt. and all MLAs, became Ministers and our client turned into the speaker of the Legislative get together and we all know, the powers and impact of speakers, in alliance time, equipped for designating and excusing services. In this way, the anticipated word Agrasana was intended to be a speaker. Everything considered, we understood, we missed to perceive the inconspicuous distinction between the Executive head and Honorary head. This new substantial case will make sense of how nimble one must be, in deciphering the words, so astutely involved by the old Rishis in the SukshmaNaadi expectations. For this situation, we realize the right word reference importance as given in the Authentic Madras University word reference and the priority in the Mahabharata Story, yet the expectations went a little off track in our translation in particular. We subsequently appeal to our clients once more, to take the sensible perspective on the forecasts, taking their abilities, impact and their positions remaining in the party, condition of the party at the hour of expectations and so forth. In one more instance of a forecast to a High Court Judge, we had deciphered, that he would resign at 63 years old and he was shocked, as it implied retirement 2 years sooner. The words showing up in to the Naadi could be perceived to mean 63 years old or 65 years old, viz. Aruban Eir Moon is 60 + 2 + 3 or 63. At the point when the Honorable Justice brought up that the time of retirement of Justice was 65, we confessed to being in the wrong and he was adequately thoughtful to see the value in our overlays. As a matter of fact, we didn’t know that the period of superannuation differs from 55 to 65 as of now. In any case, the sages, through their foreknowledge, accurately conjecture what will happen numerous years after the fact. With the above sorts of involvement, we are additionally making an honest effort to decipher the forecasts as almost as conceivable to the current day circumstances.


At the point when a Jathaka or the client needs to counsel the Naadi, he needs to contact the middle over telephone or face to face or by Post and get a date affirmed. One day before the named date he needs to reconfirm his appearance or position or the date will be dropped at present the holding up list is broadening upto 3 months thus in the event that the client can’t come under any circumstance, the date can be given to the next holding up clients. At the hour of getting the date, and upto the hour of perusing the Naadi, the name of the individual counseled need not be given as his name will be told in the actual expectation, he can give a few different companions or family members name or some code names, which are to be recalled while coming for discussion. On the arrangement date, the right hand or had hand thumb impression, on the off chance that the individual is a male or female separately is to be given at the middle. With the assistance this thumb impression, the groups containing the points of interest set or thumb impression to which, his impression has a place will be followed. In each pack, there might be expectations connecting with many people. At times a specific palm leaf might contain expectations connecting with more than one client. In a few exceptionally uncommon cases, one leaf or a bunch of leaves might contain solely, forecasts connecting with one individual in particular. In such instances of single individual expectations, we for the most part give the first palm leaves to the concerned Jathaka. In different cases we don’t give the first passes on to the clients. These are obliterated by joining the passes on to the waterway Cauvery, as currently made sense of at occasional intervals.We anyway record the first Tamil forecasts as given in the Naadi, in a note pad and provide for the clients. Then, at that point, it will be moved to other language as they wish. During the most recent 2 years, there were just 2 instances of single leaf expectations, one on account of a senior IAS Officer in 1998 and the other as of late in May 2000 to a senior legislator, the All India General Secretary of a significant decision party. The first palm leaves were given to them. Essentially, the Japanese client who counseled us in 1995 (vide page 7) got a different leaf (see likewise the photograph in the supplement grasping the leaf). The determination of the specific leaf connecting with an individual is a tedious cycle and it might require 2 to 3 hours at some point and at different times, the clients would be fortunate to get it inside a reference to 5 or 6 leaves. Each leaf relating to an individual would contain realities about that individual viz. , his and his better half’s name, his folks names, number of family, the request for his introduction to the world in the family, whether he is the child of the first or second spouse, in the event that assuming his dad had got hitched two times and such other clear realities. These are called Sakshis or witnesses. The client ought to verify or refute current realities, when it is being perused from the leaves. Be that as it may, he shouldn’t tell the reality well ahead of time. In the event that the specifics given in a specific disagree completely, the following leaf is taken and the cycle conti