Pulipani Nadi Astrology:

Pulipani Nadi Astrology is a highly effective method rooted in Vedic Science. It was developed by the revered Pulipani Swami, a spiritual master who possessed extraordinary powers. The fascinating story of Pulipani Swami’s journey began during Navaratri, where Lord Ganesha bestowed upon him seven special blessings, marking the beginning of his spiritual journey.

This ancient system of astrology encompasses various branches, including Muhurtha Chakra Horoshpravesh Vidya (auspicious timing for events), Panch Graha Vidya (knowledge of the five planets), and Rasika Bhaga Vidya (study of celestial phenomena). Pulipani Swami’s son, Aryan, followed in his father’s footsteps and became an expert practitioner and reader, immersing himself in profound sciences like Ayurveda, Vastushastra, and Yoga under the guidance of eminent gurus.

What sets Pulipani Nadi astrology apart is its focus on guiding individuals towards the right actions and providing remedies for ailments within their lifetime. This unique school of astrology offers comprehensive ideologies, concepts, and themes that form a distinctive treatment methodology.

In the realm of Pulipani Nadi astrology, the emphasis is on analyzing a person’s horoscope and determining the appropriate course of action and remedies for their specific life circumstances. This approach considers the individual’s unique astrological chart to provide insights into their health and well-being.

Agasthiya Maha Nadi:

Agasthiya Maha Nadi is the fifth nadi, associated with the moon sign Cancer. It is often referred to as the intelligence nadi due to its connection with knowledge and intellectual abilities. Individuals born under the Cancer moon sign are known for their vast knowledge and intellectual prowess. Symbolically, the water sign Cancer is represented by a container, indicating the potential for knowledge to flow from one person’s mind to others.

Agasthiya Maha Nadi signifies an individual’s aptitude for understanding and learning. It encompasses both intellectual abilities and the capacity to grasp and comprehend various subjects. In ancient traditions, it is believed that physical factors have a significant impact on a person’s mental state. Therefore, addressing and treating physical health issues can greatly enhance mental acuity and cognitive abilities.


The term “shakthi” is often used to describe a person’s mental state, highlighting the close relationship between physical and mental well-being. Therapies based on nadi shakthi are utilized to address mental illnesses, underscoring the influence of health on the mind. Maintaining a balance in prana shakthi (life energy) and treating imbalances in doshas (bio-energies) can improve mental acuity and overall cognitive functioning.

Physical health plays a crucial role in intellectual capabilities, as good health provides strength, confidence, and focus. Weak immune systems and poor physical health can negatively impact concentration, memory, and cognitive abilities. Conversely, a healthy body facilitates mental clarity, enhanced focus, and the ability to stay calm even in stressful situations. Proper blood circulation and optimal functioning of the nervous system are essential for improved concentration and cognitive performance.

In summary, Agasthiya Maha Nadi astrology delves into an individual’s intellectual aptitude, educational pursuits, and mental well-being. It recognizes the intricate connection between physical and mental health, highlighting the significance of maintaining a balance in both aspects. By understanding and addressing these influences, individuals can unlock their intellectual potential and lead fulfilling lives enriched with knowledge and mental clarity.