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Online Nadi astrology

Created at : 19/05/2022

By Sri.Siva Marimuthu Swamigal


  Namah Shivaya! Shivaya Namaha!!

Online Nadi Astrology to the world from Vaitheeswarn kovil.

Online Nadi Astrology predictions.

We would like to introduce the most ancient form of astrology from India on online.Nadi Astrology predictions from vaitheeswarankovil is world renowned for its accuracy and rich heritage. Mahashivan Nadi astrology is the 4th generation nadi astrology center from vaitheeswarankovil.

Nadi Astrology is an ancient form of predictions and consulting practiced for more than 3,000 years. Mahashivan Nadi astrology online predictions are the pioneers and leading Nadi Astrology in vaitheeswaranKovil. Mahashivan Nadi astrology is now online. We have started to consult online nadi jyotish predictions from January 2021.Mahashivan nadi astrology from vaitheeswarankovil is the best online nadi astrology center from vaitheeswarankovil . Mahashivan nadi as the online reading and online nadi astrology predictions,which is accurate and life changing experience during the pandemic.

Nadi helps to understand your past, present, and future with the help of Olaichuvadi. It is Vedic science commonly known as Nadi Jyotish in India. Nadi is the oldest Science of predictions using Thumb-Impressions and translating palm leave secrets to understandable predictions. The greatest sage on the pioneer of Astrology Sri Agathiyar or Agastya has predicted and made them safe in the form of palm leaves called olaichuvadi. Agastya Nadi astrology online predictions are available at Mahashivan nadi astrology from vaitheeswaranKovil.

Online Nadi Astrology readers.

Nadi astrology is the oldest form of astrology predictions and thereby it needs expertise to read nadi’s.There are only very few readers available across the world, Mahashivan Nadi astrology is oldest nadi astrology center from vaitheesawaran kovil, India. Now Mahasivan Nadi astrology is offering Nadi reading and consultations online. Our reader located in vaitheeswarn kovil can  interpret the ancient Tamil language engraved on the nadi leaves, in a poetic form to literature form.Nadi reading is a secret art that has been passed over from generations to generations. Mahasivan nadi astrology from vaitheeswarankovil is the 4th Generation Nadi astrology center.The art of Nadi reading is not thought nor practiced by common public.We offer the following languages for customer benefit.

  1. English

  2. Telugu

  3. Hindi

  4. Kanada 

Nadi readers from vaitheeswaranKoil  are world renowned and vaitheeswarankovil is the  nerve center for Nadi predictions now online and for nadi readers now online. Lord Shiva blessing us from vaitheeswarankovil  is said to have assumed the role of a doctor (vaidhya; thus called Vaitheeswaran), who solved the miseries of his devotees. 

Our Astrologer 

Shri Shiva Marimuthu Swamigal has mastered predictions and based out of vaitheeswarankoil.  Our senior astrologer from vaitheeswaranKoil has traveled across the world for spiritual service and has clients in the United States of America, Canada, Latin America, UK, Ireland, Australia, Singapore, and in the Gulf region.

The primary Nadi astrology center / Nadi jothidam in vaitheeswaranKoil is near Chidambaram, South India. 

Online Predictions.

How would you get started for online Nadi astrology predictions from Mahashivan Nadi?

We provide following options for your Nadi reading:

1. Google Meet.

2. Zoom Meeting

3. Skype Discussion

4. Goto meeting

Online Nadi astrology process.

Step 1-Thumb impressions: This helps to search for the relevant olaichuvadi (Palm Leaves)

Step 2- Sourcing:Based on the impression the respective palm leaves are sourced for. Palm leaves or Olai chuvadi were written by Great gurus some 3,000 years ago!

Step 3- Script: Old Tamil script form of a poem is read and then translated to understandable prose. This is recorded and issued to the Customer.

Step 4- Consulting:Nadi Astrologer will give a detailed consultation based on the Olai chuvadi or palm leaves. Mahashivan Nadi is one of the best Nadi Astrology centers in the World.